Beatrix Potter 1866- 1943.

My first project for BA Illustration combines my love of drawing with my fascination for animal studies.
Aptly named, Animals and Beasts, the 'primers' are centered around the study of animals and their characteristics. We were asked to draw and record anatomically correct drawings of specimens, which were alive (farm animals), or that had been preserved for future references. i.e taxidermy specimens. There had to be no pencil nor biro in our drawings, just plenty of colour, so as to capture all the beautiful patterns, textures and unique characteristics of the animals we chose to observe. Our collection of studies would then be used in our final brief for the Thursday of this week. We were to think as a collector, by 'using drawing as your method of collecting interesting animal colours, textures and shapes in our sketchbooks'.                                    

Victorian extroadinaire, Helen Beatrix Potter was an avid pupil who from the age of 8 collected drawings of animals and insects with such a keen eye for nature. Her drawings portray an illustrator with a scientific and accurate eye for detail.

All credit goes to
V & A Museum
endicottstudio on Potter
Stunning blog of prepatory sketches