Final Crit day for Animals and Beasts

After 2 weeks, myself and group 4 have finally completed our first rotation of the term. It was a excellent project to begin with, as I have always wanted to explore animals in terms of life drawings, as well as nature in general. Our trips to Surrey Docks farm in Rotherhithe gave us a perfect canvas to collect vital initial research, which no doubt fully enabled us to complete our final brief, which was this afternoon. Secondly our trip to Hornimans and the National History Museum gave us a different catalogue of animal specimens to work with. i.e taxidermy. However, I enjoyed sketching animals in motion, as it allowed me to witness more dimensions of the animal, rather than a stuffed lifeless specimen. Nonetheless, both encounters really helped me to become a collector of patterns, textures and characteristics of creatures I would of otherwise may never of acknowledged.