The Overlying and The Underlying @ Southbank

Today is the second day my group and I visited the Southbank centre, opposite Charing Cross station.
It was an absolute freezing day and made drawing ridiculously difficult, however as our tutor said; we were experiencing real life situations, not just sitting in a studio. We were using all our senses to create an image, which would perhaps dictate our ideas and development. For this project our aim was to create one of three options, I chose a 3 x 3 comic strip, using particular themes such as love, strangers, environment, architecture, etc.
     I have forever been fascinated by the original reason behind the Southbank centre and that is the Festival of Britain, which took place in the summer of 1951. It was meant to be a sequel to the Great Exhibition of 1851, which took place in Crystal Palace. There happened to be a permanent exhibition in the centre devoted to all the ephemera and photographs taken at the time. Images are posted below.
     In essence I would like to portray that living history in my comic strips, fused and meshed with modern day fashion, and how the architecture has changed dramatically. I will also use colours reminiscent of the programmes that were sold during the time and make it look as authentic as possible.

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